Telecom Emerging Market Compatibility
  • Terminus Technologies keeps the future in mind while remaining aware of the competitive nature of the technology business in the present day. Our Terminus Billing System is a combination of efficiency through state of the art networks and various integrated services including voice, data, video, content, and email. Rapidly changing and progressing technologies leave older ones obsolete in no time. The billing systems of the past are no longer compatible with the latest trends of telecom services. Terminus Technologies offers a one-step solution to all your billing woes with our Extended Telecom Billing Systems which include network managements systems, CRM, inventory systems, provision systems among others. At Terminus Technologies, we work towards changing your telecom nightmare into an easy breeze affair with our state of the art operating mechanisms.
Deep Understanding of Telecom Market
  • Terminus Technologies boasts an insightful understanding of local markets and the forces that govern and affect it. With a deep understanding of the local telecommunications related regulations, the telecommunications market and operator's business requirements, Terminus Technologies offers services in tune with the location and situation of the client ensuring maximum benefit. The end product is a perfect match for both local market trends and international standards
Experienced Team
  • For any software venture to reach an efficiency level that guarantees success, it is paramount that the team behind the venture is adequately skilled. Here at Terminus Technologies, we have some of the best trained teams looking after the technical and management aspects of the Terminus Billing System. Decades of management experience brings a real world aspect to our services.
A Proven Solution
  • Having gained the confidence and backing of operators around the world, Terminus Billing Systems is a proven solution generating optimal revenue streams and providing credible network operations and consumer services. Terminus Billing System is being used by many companies and enterprises the world over with Pakistani operators Cybernet and Multinet as its largest clientele. Other major names benefiting from Terminus Technologies include Inobel in Malaysia, Etisalcom in Bahrain, Tornet Telecom and AlsardFiber in Iraq. Our clients long standing commitment to Terminus Technologies speaks for the effectiveness of our billing systems.
Billing Frame Work
  • The Terminus Billing System, in addition to being efficient and reliable, is also highly versatile. The system operates on a framework suitable for pre-paid/post-paid through to residential/corporate telecom lines. The system covers a multitude of billable services including data, content, video, email, hosting, voice, internet and many others. Furthermore, Terminus Billing System fits right in with all types and kinds of networks including but not limited to TDM, Fiber, Data, Frame Relay, Point-to-Point Links. The framework is inclusive of all potential needs of a client and is open to expansionas needs change. Terminus Billing Systems is capable of providing billing services through any network-type for any kind of service to charge any kind of subscribers.
A Converged Billing System
  • The framework of billable network-type and services is vast with Terminus Billing Systems. However, it actively caters to the needs and requirements of each operator's scope, activating only those modules of billing relevant to the client's needs. A modular installation of only voice-based services could initially activated upon the operator's request and the remaining modules, (data, video streaming) could be installed and activated at a later time. This process is hassle free and does not cause any major breaks in the operations of the telecom business.
Best After Sale Services
  • Terminus Billing System is a highly user friendly service and keeps the client's needs and demands to the fore at all times. The system is complimented with both on-site and remote support. Customisations are also available and incorporated at the time of deployment of equipment or software, to fit the requirements of the user.
A Cost Effective Solution
  • In contrast with competing companies, Terminus Billing Systems is at par with their quality assurance controls and customer support, but more economically affordable. Terminus Technologies delivers a more cost-effective solution for billing services through Terminus Billing Systems and offers the same or greater technical and technological benefits for similar services than larger companies with a more personal and affordable process.
High Availability Architecture
  • With Terminus Billing Systems, operators stand to benefit from our high availability designs in many ways. These are aimed at providing customer satisfaction in operational efficiency, improve utilisation of resources and optimised service-level availability catering for a higher number of applications. The system uses Oracle Real Application Clusters to achieve these improved goals.
OSS/BSS Standards Compliance
  • • Better integration, ease of management and higher flexibility are some of the objectives the system aims to achieve in order to fulfill the compliance requirements of New Generation Operations Systems and Software of the Tele-Management Forum. Terminus Technologies is focused on achieving international-grade quality assurance and its Terminus Billing System is designed with that goal in mind meeting OSS/BSS standards. At Terminus Technologies, quality assurance and customer satisfaction is our priority.