Hospital & Clinic System
Hospital & Clinic Management System

The Terminus Integrated Hospital Management System is a comprehensive package designed for large and small scale organisations to help them manage interactions with patient. It allows the expedition and synchronization of the related business processes of sales, marketing, customer service and technical support. Terminus Integrated Hospital Management System offers patient complete report (admit to discharge), all test reports, medicine record, account management. Its user friendly yet highly streamlined features make it the best choice for any organization.

The Terminus Integrated Hospital Management System is hosted on a dedicated server. Users are added into our master database and the login information is provided back by our system through email or SMS. This method of deployment not only reduces the hardware cost to the customer but also has the following benefits:

User-friendly and easy to use
Accessible any time, any device
Zero additional maintenance costs
No need to take backups manually
Record maintaining of applications and successful registrations
24/7 monitoring of the system to ensure continuous uninterrupted access