Telecome Billing & CRM

The Terminus Customer Relationship Management solution is a comprehensive package designed for large and small scale organisations to help them manage interactions with customers. It allows the expedition and synchronisation of the related business processes of sales, marketing, customer service and technical support. TerminusCRM offers comprehensive product management, package management and customer account management. Its user friendly yet highly streamlined features make it the best choice for any organization.

Product Overview

Terminus Customer Care & Billing system (TERMINUSCCB) is a truly integrated billing and CRM system. It is developed for Next Generation Telecom/Utility Applications. The system generates one bill for all services (voice, data, video, SMS, content) and billing for fixed and rental services (installation, support, maintenance, equipment, security services, web hosting, collocation). TerminusCCB is able to charge any kind of subscriber (consumer, corporate etc.) for any kind of service (voice, data, SMS, video, etc.) on any kind of network (GSM/CDMA, VOIP, PSTN) at any point of time

One platform for Retail Corporate, Prepaid Calling Card and Wholesale Interconnect billing.

This Terminus Technologies product says it all just by itself. With superior design at a very competitive price, the quality is maintained at the highest level. Terminus Technologies offers following products in its solution.

Terminus Customer Care & Billing (TerminusCCB) covers Tier 1 to Tier 3 telecom operators, best fitted for fixed and mobile enterprises. It is a single platform framework that can be used for multiple business models. Our portfolio of billing products covers the following.

  • GSM/CDMA/Fixed Line Operators
  • Prepaid Calling Card Operators
  • SIP/NFL Services
  • Dialup Internet service
  • Broadband Cable & DSL services
  • WiFi & WiMax services
  • Cable & IP TV
  • Multimedia Messaging & Contents
  • Utility Operators (Electricity, Gas, Water etc.)