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Euclid is a truly integrated telecom billing and customer care system. It is developed for next generation telecom/utility applications. It covers Tier 1 to Tier 3 telecom operators, best fitted for fixed and mobile enterprises. It is a single platform framework that can be used for multiple business models. Our portfolio of billing products covers the following,

  • GSM/CDMA/Fixed Line Operators
  • Prepaid Calling Card Operators
  • SIP/NFL Services
  • Dialup Internet service
  • Broadband Cable & DSL services
  • Wi-Fi & WiMAX services
  • Cable & IP TV
  • Multimedia Messaging & Contents
  • Utility Operators (Electricity, Gas, Water etc.)

One platform for Retail, Corporate, Prepaid, Postpaid and Interconnect billing.

TerminusCCB is able to charge any kind of subscriber (consumer, corporate etc.) for any kind of service (voice, data, SMS, video, etc.) on any kind of network (GSM/CDMA, VOIP, PSTN) at any point of time.

Service Provisioning

Auto provisioning of services at customer end equipment (CPE) is an important and key feature in telecom industry. it enable customer locking and unlocking of services along with credit management. Euclid offers multiple criteria for products and package integrated with provision system module.

One bill for all services

one bill for all services (voice, data, video, SMS, content) and billing for fixed and rental services (installation, support, maintenance, equipment, security services, web hosting, collocation). It also enable one bill for multiple accounts to enable big corporates to do billing to their head offices.

Customer care system

an integrated CRM with enhanced reseller management, customer/account management, credit control (invoices, payments, credit/debit notes), customer self care module, leads and follow ups, trouble tickets, inventory of equipment and top-up cards.

Monitor Services

Euclid offer complete monitoring of usage of services, credit of customer through more than 70+ different reports and graphs.

Euclid (c. 325 – c. 270 BC)

Euclid authored the Elements, the most famous and most published mathematical work in history. The Elements is concerned mainly with geometry, proportion, and number theory. Enormously influential in mathematics teaching for over two thousand years, the Elements provided the spark that inspired many of the world’s greatest mathematicians and scientists to embark on their remarkable intellectual journeys.

Euclid is also famous for another enormously influential book, Optics, in which he explained light’s behavior using geometrical principles he had developed in the Elements. His theory of light was the basis of artistic perspective, astronomical methods, and navigation methods for more than two thousand years.

Farm Builder

FarmBuilderTM captures and manages the Whole Farm System: Soils, Pastures, Livestock and Performance Benchmarking

The FarmBuilder system is scalable to capture the entire industry and cow population. At this point in time the value from the data and process will become more obvious to the farmers and a transition to farmer co-funding via levy is the medium term goal. The steady state goal is to create an industry good system that creates the fact based evidence to drive localized productivity improvement. The long term NZ experience is that between 2 to 4% productivity improvement can be achieved year on year, roughly half of this is management improvement, and the other half is from genetic gain resulting from fact based identification of the high performing cow families and bulls. The NZ system has had the evidence base to diverge significantly from US and European systems and genetics over the past 40 years, to maximise utilization of its low cost pasture.

Small to large size farmers

The FarmBuilder liveware (NZ practitioners), software and hardware solution has been developed to support developing dairy industries, primarily targeting the small to medium sized producer segment, but also supporting the interface to larger farmers.

A profitable dairy farm

Primary objective is the guide farmers to make their farm profitable by improving dairy genetics best fit for weather, maximising pasture energy utilisation and reducing expenses.

Benchmark farm performance

The core purpose of the system is to benchmark farm performance, to identify the top 25% of the industry, to drill into why they are outperforming their peers, to capture those best practices, to then identify the elite animals in the upper quartile and develop and derive a local profitability index for cows, cow families and the future local bull team.

A joint venture with Dairy Solutionz Limited

A joint product of Dairy Solutionz NZ Limited – a dairy expert & Terminus Technologies Limited – a technology expert



Avenz (Avenzoar) “a livestock management software” helps farmers to manage their dairy farms operations more effectively and proactively. Reproduction and heath of animals is a key element for a dairy farm and it requires proactive approach. Here Avenzoar works for farmer to ease these tasks for former. It helps decision makers to analysis information over single click and take decisions on proactive basis. This valuable business decision information helps to improve profitability.

It is a web based tool that saves the efforts of maintenance of system hardware and software at farm. and is accessible any where over any device through internet. Its comprehensive dashboard and advanced reporting tool helps business managers to perform business operations.

Animal Tagging & Identifications

Animal identification is one of the key element in herd management. Identification can be based on Ear Tag, Birth Id, RFID, International Id or animal name. it generate 3 level pedigree based on the data in system.


Failure to detect estrus (heat) is a major factor contributing to low fertility which finally contribute to financial losses for a farmer. Anenzoar track all upcoming event for heat, matting, pregnancy test, calving, dry off and animal vaccinations.

Expense & Inventory control

With real time monitoring of farm inventories like semens, vaccinations etc, a farm can proactively control expenses. Maintain records for the expenses on feed, minerals, vaccinations,  etc. help the farmer to control budget.

Farm Production & Revenues

monitoring farm production, revenues along with expenses are key factors to make a farm profitable. This system helps to do realtime monitoring of revenues from sales of animal, milk, etc. Based one historical data, farmer can easily identify profit and loss for an individual animal.

Ibn Zuhr (1091 – 1166)

Also known as Avenzoar. Arab physician and surgeon, known for his influential book Al-Taisir Fil-Mudawat Wal-Tadbeer (Book of Simplification Concerning Therapeutics and Diet).

Spanish-Arab physician who took an observational and experimental approach to disease and wrote several books, including Practical Manual of Treatments and Diet.


It helps livestock exporters to manage export protocols effectively. Rhazes improves export process documentation required for certification from regulation authorities. System facilities exporters to comply with Code of Practices (CoP) of General Live Animal Export and Pre-export Quarantine and Isolation.

Animals Identification & Health

Animal identifications, Health tests, weights and other information of animals can be loaded into system with csv’s and excel files. It is fast and convenient for exporters who are getting information from different sources. Data can be typed in though web interface.

Reports to comply with Code of Practice

Some frequently used reports are animal identifications with source information, laboratory reports, FATE report, Tag Schedule Report, Assure Quality Report, Induction Report, Animal health status, Animals Weight Report, etc.

Track Shipment Progress

Track each shipment with procured vs targeted number of animals. Animals in each phase (inspection, health test, transport, isolation facility, shipped) to complete a shipment. Multiple shipments can be processed at a time.

Reports & Graphs

Multiple reports and graphs to monitor animal evaluation, transport, health results and track shipment.

Abu Bakr Al-Razi (865 – 925)

Also known as Rhazes. Persian alchemist and philosopher, who was one of the greatest physicians in history.



Manage your procurement, inventory and sales process with Battani. It integrates all data and processes into a unified system. The software is an enterprise web based solution that saves time in record keeping, provides valuable business decision information and helps improve profitability. It helps decision makers to analyze information by a single click and make decisions on proactive basis. Our goal is to work with, to analyze, define, and deliver solutions specific to our clients’ business – solutions that meet their requirements effectively and efficiently:

  • End to End Integrated & Modular Solutions for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises
  • Web-based Solution. Compatible for use with handheld mobile devices
  • Executive Summaries and Graphs for Management
  • Knowledge-Based Expert Decisions

Account Payable & Procurement

Improved management of account payables and procurement process. It tracks orders to suppliers, their credits and debits, etc. Procurement is integrated with stock inventory.

Sales of equipment and services

Effective management of account receivables and invoicing process. integrated with inventory system.


Monitory your inventory in real time. Track down each product.

Revenue and Expenses

Easy to monitor expenses and revenue of your business with multiple reports and graphs

Al-Battani (858 – 929)

Also known as Albatenius. Arab mathematician, scientists and astronomer who improved existing values for the length of the year and of the seasons.


It is a comprehensive package designed for large and small scale health care organisations to help them manage interactions with patient. A complete process (admission to discharge of a patient), all test reports, medicine record, account management. Its user friendly yet highly streamlined features make it the best choice for any health organization. Some key modules are,

Key Modules

  • Patients Management
  • Immunization Management
  • Appointments Management
  • Billing Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • HR Management
  • Laboratories Management
  • Reports Management

Ibn Sina (980 – 1037)

Also known as Avicenna. Persian philosopher and scientist known for his contributions to Aristotelian philosophy and medicine.


Anaxim is designed to accommodate the increasing and changing needs of resources and package information for employees. It takes care employee information, payroll configuration, incentives & advance payments, resource allocation, projects costing. etc.,

Key Features

  • Employees management
  • Payroll Configuration Management
  • Advance payment Incentive Management
  • Department Management
  • Resources Management
  • Location Management
  • Dash Board & Report

Anaximander (c. 610 BC – c. 546 BC)

An ancient scientific revolution: the first person in history to recognize that we live on a planet that is free in space and does not need to sit on something.


Thabit is a comprehensive ERP solution for educational institutions. It provides world class services to clients with the aid of specifically designed modules. Thabit is designed to improve the way the educational institute is managed by the use of a fully automated electronic system. Management Solution has every possible feature required by an educational institution. Students, teachers, management, Trustees and parents can all use the system which integrates all departments. Office administration, time table, examinations, student details, certification, reports and results generation, fee management, library management, canteen, payroll, accounts, inventory – the list is comprehensive.

Improve your management

The system helps educators to manage, analyse and report extensive data, while saving time by eliminating repeated data entry. It is a complete solution for management of educational institutions, covering all the aspects of educational business, including administrative, accounting and key academic activities. It centralizes all data and automates all functions.

Information at your fingertips

The key to success of Thabit is the central data storage structure which helps the administrative staff to access student data in each and every module, hence data entry is done once and accessed by the required module., Due to the central store of data redundancy is removed and 100 % correct data is available to the administrative staff at any time. It automates most of the day to day tasks and increases productivity and performance. Information is at your fingertips.

User Friendly GUI

  • User-friendly and No complications
  • Easy add and managing functionalities
  • Record maintaining of applications and successful registrations
  • Providing faster feedback results for programs and students

Key modules

Admission, Administration, Examination, Slybus & Course, Credit Control, Library , Expense, HR & Payrole, Reporting

Thabit ibn Qurra (826 – 901)

Also known as Thebit. Arab mathematician, physician and astronomer; who was the first reformer of the Ptolemaic system and the founder of statics



A paperless tasks register, especially for tradies, handymen, mobile devices repair shops, etc . It is a robust cloud-based task/job management software system that automates and tracks all processes from the initial quote to final invoicing. Day-to-day tasks have never been easier to manage. Accessible on all devices through the internet. Comprehensive reporting and dashboard to control jobs with completion dates.

Online jobs/tasks register

Maintain your jobs/tasks register online through internet. Accessible any where  and any time.

Communication with customers

Real time communication with your customers over email regarding any progress over task


Multiple reports and graph to monitor performance and business

Alhazen (c. 965 – c. 1040 AD)

Alhazen was a polymath; the author of 90 works on topics as diverse as optics, vision, number theory, geometry, theology, astronomy, poetry, healing, and metaphysics. Many of his works, including the highly influential Book of Optics, were authored while he feigned madness to escape the wrath of Cairo’s caliph.

Alhazen explained how the images formed in cameras are upside down, solved ‘Alhazen’s problem’ concerning the reflection of light from curved surfaces, and discovered a general method to find the sum of any integral power. He used this general method to discover the sum of fourth power positive integers and hence find the volume of a paraboloid..

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IVS Inspection
IVS Labs
Genetic Development NZ
Storm Fiber
Cyber Net
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Thermo Regulatory Genetics
Kaipaki Dairies
Trade Window
Punjab University
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

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